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Memoir & Biography

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Falafels, some Frogs and a Ferret

by Simone Mansell Broome

Through her stories, reminiscences and recollections of her life, Simone Mansell Broome tells us about the people she encounters and the trials and tribulations of life overcome over a long life of several occupations and places.The child is mother to the woman and the foibles, prejudices and frailties of one generation will surface, inevitably, in the next. Simone Mansell Broome was born in Tenby, grandchild to tenant farmers in Begelly, Pembrokeshire, first child of a man with a troubled relationship to his homeland and a hard-working, dynamic, intensely emotional Englishwoman. The memoir dips in and out of the Tenby of Simone’s infancy and early childhood, a later childhood over the border, a turbulent adolescence and onwards into early motherhood.

Pause - 12 months of going nowhere


Simone Mansell `broome

A journal/autobiography of the pandemic year, (published 2022)

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My Lovely Arms (series)


Alana Beth Davies (AKA Alana Jones, Alana Davies-Jones)


In the compilation edition of my little memory books, I have brought together the first 2 volumes, covering the period 1948 – 1969. In Volume 1, I wrote about my life up to the age of eleven in 1959 and back as far as 1918, when my grandparents married. In Volume 2 I venture into the 1960s, with all the pitfalls and surprises that could bring. It was not my intention to shock, embarrass or otherwise bring unwanted attention to others, so I may have left some details out. If anyone is looking for inspiring prose, this is not for you. I haven’t tried to raise the literary level in these little books. It’s a quick march through 21 years of my life, listing events, recalling some tiny details that won’t mean anything to others, but which have stayed with me.

Captain Edward Gill.: From Pitman to Spin Doctor

by Mike Everley

Edward (Ted) Gill a leading activist in the South Wales Miners Federation and Labour Party. Won the Military Cross in World War 1. Fought the Frome Constituency several times. Died from his wounds while still very young.

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Learning Something Every Day

by David Huw Thomas

Huw Thomas has lived in the village of Pwll, in his home town of Llanelli, south Wales, for all of his life – so far! After working in the retail sector for many years, he has now put pen to paper, documenting past and present, and giving his own world view on the things he sees around him.
In prose and poetry, Huw pays homage to people and places that have meant a great deal to him during his life. His memories are rich, and will resonate with his contemporaries, as he recalls the everyday events that we may have taken for granted, but have passed into the history books. Local shops, TV programmes, radio and music, these are all things we can identify with, and he jolts our own memories with his.
This is a true celebration of life. Joy and sadness, laughter and loss, Huw doesn’t shy away from any of them.

Still Learning at Sixty


David Huw Thomas


Huw gives us a mix of memories, anecdotes and personal views in this, his second book. They all reflect some aspect of his life, and give us an insight not only to the history of his home town, but to the man himself. He breaks new ground with his Puzzle section, keeping us on our toes as always.

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