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What do I Know  ... about Writing

by Alana Beth Davies


A beginner’s guide to writing fiction.
This is not an instruction manual. I don’t pretend to know it all, and I’m not claiming that this is all a writer needs to know. Far from it! I won’t tell you what to do – but I can tell what I’ve learned, what I do, and what works for me. I can tell you how I write, why I write, and I can share some useful tips I’ve had from others. Use them or not – that’s up to you.

Mathematics for Engineers


Brian Davies

The primary purpose of this book is to aid those students studying engineering at level 4, with respect to the mathematics required. It should enable students to develop an understanding of a range of mathematical operations and analysis techniques that are needed for the solution of many engineering problems, by being able to: use algebraic methods to analyse and solve engineering problems solve engineering problems that require the use of trigonometric methods of analysis use methods of differential and integral calculus to solve engineering problems apply complex numbers and complex analysis to solve engineering problemsIn addition, the content is suitable for all students studying a range of courses or none, in that it covers a number of mathematical areas which often require revision and/or additional explanation, examples or solutions

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Transport in the 1970s and 1980s.: The slides of David W. Beardmore

by Mike Everley

Upon the death of his cousin David W. Beardmore, the author acquired over 5,000 colour slides that he had taken, mainly of transport, during the 1970s and 1980s. This small publication represents a small sample of this body of work. A short biography of David’s family has been included. David volunteered with the Severn Valley Heritage Railway at its Hampton Loade station. Mike Everley was born in 1949 in the mining district of South Wales. He studied as a mature student at Coleg Harlech, Aberystwyth University and the University of Leeds. Before retirement, was a member of both the Society of Authors and the National Union of Journalists.

The Art of C.S.C. Everley

by Mike Everley

Sadly, Cherrill passed away on the 17th August 2016 after a short illness. She was only 67. She worked in a wide variety of styles, ranging from traditional life studies to modern and post modern abstracts. Although she often adopted realism in order to produce landscapes, portraits and life studies, her more recent work tended toward abstracts and semi abstract work, with the beauty of the local area influencing much of her painting. Cherrill lived and worked in the Swansea area all of her life and many of her paintings reflect the city's rich industrial past. She was also very interested in finding positive and negative shapes in the natural elements and depicting them in an abstract style.

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Words to the Wise

by Alana Davies


In this little book are some quotes and family sayings that may, or may not, be relevant. Some are humorous, and some thought-provoking. Ideal for keeping on the bedside table, or next to the loo.

Some words of wisdom, and some of humour, written for an 18th birthday. Not to be taken too seriously in every case …

Certain Aspects Of The Moral Philosophy Of G. E. Moore.: MA Thesis. University Of Wales, Aberystwyth. 1988

by  Mike Everley

G. E. Moore is a central figure in Modern Philosophy with important links to the Cambridge Apostles and the Bloomsbury Group. His work is compared to major Philosophical trends that developed as a reaction to his claims; particularly: Emotivism, Prescriptivism and Naturalism. In addition, his work is compared to earlier traditions found in Greek Philosophy and Christian Ethics.

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Ethical Aspects Of Risk Assessment

by Mike Everley

Thesis for a Masters Degree in Philosophy at the University of Leeds, covering the ethical aspects of risk assessment in the field of occupational safety and health.

A Baby Shower Book

by The Family


A little book to replace an actual Baby Shower, not possible during lockdown.

'To show how much you’re loved,

To show how much we care,

We’ve put this book together

For Hannah & Gareth to share'

What we did  …

We’ve all chipped in to this little book. Our contributions vary in length, as well as the number and quality of pictures, but we all wanted to do something to help celebrate your up-coming labour and birth, and let you know we’re thinking about you. It’s written as a series of messages to Hannah, although of course it’s for Gareth too.'

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Blinded by the Light

by Ann M Thomas

Don't be complacent because you're a Christian. There are still pitfalls you can stumble into. This book looks at the truth, the trap and the solution to some common errors.

Ann M Thomas joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at the age of 16 along with her family. She met and married her husband Michael, had 4 children and served in that church in many ways before she and Michael realised their error and found the truth. They were saved in 1986, but their experience has given them an insight into Christian cults and cultic thinking.

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